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Welcome to the Wealth Creator Classified. The classifieds are the key stone to advertisement and the Wealth Creator Classified is the way to change your Life Style!

You must realize from the beginning that your ad should serve only one purpose: to target a specific audience consisting of people who need and want what you have to offer. Most people new to the internet don't understand how to use a Classified AD in their marketing program. If you will click on the following url, you can download an e-book explaining in detail how to be successful marketing efforts.

ALL MEMBERS: Can submit your ad in text or html.You can be up to 1000 characters long. Adult material is not permitted! SPAM is not accepted!! Bounced email addresses will be deleted and your AD will have to be resubmitted. Everone can "Surf The Classifieds" by clicking on the button named "Surf The Classifieds", but members must register prior to submiting an Advertisment to the classifieds area. We do not sell your information. All your information is purged from the system, once a person cancels or after 60 days with no activity, except those people who have credit in their account.

FREE MEMBERS: As a FREE member you can submit your AD for 7 days provided your confirmation email does not Bounce, if it does you will be deleted. You can cancel your Subscription/membership at any time during the 7 day period. Upon completion of the Free trail, you must extend your advertisement or it will be deleted.


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